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DK - Grind 2017

DK - Grind 2017
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Текст песни DK - Grind 2017
I go constant 24/7
I guess you could say I‘m driven
I go constant 24/7
Yeah I got a lot of aggression
I go constant 24/7
This is my profession
I go constant 24/7
That’s right you don‘t see me begging
I go constant 24/7
I got to make an impression
I go constant 24/7
All these rappers need to learn a lesson
I go constant 24/7
Yeah I‘m a hot one call me Sean Evans

Yeah I go constant
Like I’m straight outta Compton
Yeah I‘m conscious
This is no contest
This is my conscience
This is my internal conflict
Rappers I don‘t care if you don‘t get this concept
I‘m on the next level I‘m adept
I‘ve been writing so many rhymes I haven‘t slept
I got a gift that no one can accept
Pass me a football and I will intercept
Don’t get to close to me you know when you have mistepped
Into a trap
When i spray grab me the mac
I aim for the windows
Step out of the house all dressed in black
U should go and invest in crack
Coz u won’t make it far with rap
Plenty of people have told me that
If u wanna doubt me shut your trap
Im gonna do what i want that facts
Hold up, call me a star im solar
Move on my own thats power
If u make a move its over
Man im all done with the fakes and snakes
So many cunts wanna take my place
And thats why they say what they say
Behind my back not to my face
But i dont mind its calm
If u wanna cause me harm
U wanna shoot ur shot?
U better bring ur arms
Coz i know this music shits what im destined for
I ain‘t the best in my eyes
So it feels mad if i am the best in yours
Man i can’t wait to show u the rest in store
DK just murdered this beat
We‘re so sick call the doc I think it‘s an emergency
I‘m an emerging mc
You can call be by my name
Just know we’re not the same
I go hard all day everyday
Every month and every year
And I will not dissapear
I go constant 24/7
Y‘all are going into a regression
I go constant 24/7
I‘m up so high I‘m about to reach heaven
I go constant 24/7
Life has so many questions
I go constant 24/7
Not everyone has the answers most people be guessing
I go constant 24/7
I‘m so villianous call me venom
I go constant 24/7
I have so many weapons
I go constant 24/7
And I‘m not afraid to use them

I go constant 24/7
People look at me like I‘m irreverant
I go constant 24/7
People act like I‘m irrelevant
I go constant 24/7
I do things for the hell of it
I go hard 24/7 everyday
I just need to get away
All I do is rap rap no matter what
Got money on my mind and I don‘t give a fuck
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